Gas monitoring: Use in laboratories

KIMESSA gas detection systems in laboratories

Modern society lives and works with toxic and combustible gases and vapours every day. Today gas represents an economic, technical and convenient medium, but left unchecked gas can rapidly become a significant hazard.

KIMESSA gas detection systems in laboratories

Innovative safety solutions for laboratories

Gas monitoring for detecting over 120 different gases and vapours.

Depending on the field of activity within the laboratory in question, the use of gasses harmful to humans or that pose a latent risk of explosion will require the implementation of a gas monitoring regime. KIMESSA offer comprehensive gas monitoring safety solutions for this application.


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We provide solutions to monitor various gases that occur or are used in the laboratory: O2, H2, N2, CO, CO2, CH4, H2S, etc. to protect personnel and the environment. Laboratories typically utilise many different gases with low measuring ranges such as bromine, formaldehyde, hydrogen peroxide and arsine. As KIMESSA is one of the leading providers in the field of gas detection, we currently offer detectors for more than 120 different types of gas in the most diverse measurement ranges. Naturally these are available as analogue, BUS or ex-measuring point designs.


Touch screens can be mounted at the entrance to the laboratory for immediate visualisation and rapid gas monitoring data checks. All measurement data and events are recorded and can be reproduced and analysed at any times.

With the Plug’n Play capability of the Web server CWS 101 “Easylog”, gas concentrations are visualised in real time on a computer network, enabling events such as alarms or faults to be sent by email to the appropriate personnel.

Here special solutions such as easily integrated into gas monitors for gas cylinder cabinets and flush-mounted gas detection are offered. In the event of danger the solenoid valves and other switching units are immediately switched off by our gas monitors.

We offer a variety of novel and user friendly unique products and solutions for laboratories. Particularly worth mentioning is the addressable bus concept, in which the gas detection monitoring, alarm and visualisation can be very simply wired through the same cable. This keeps installation costs at a minimum and allows easy expansion of the system at any time. This innovative solution is available exclusively from KIMESSA.

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3D simulator for configuring a gas detection system
The KIMESSA 3D simulator can be used to simply explain a laboratory gas detection system. Questions such as the placement of optical and acoustic alarms and the correct detector position are explained within a user friendly game setting. Please fill out the form below if you are interested in the software or a demonstration using a notebook or 3D glasses.







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In addition to the applications already described there are very many other areas of use for KIMESSA gas monitoring systems. As a total solution provider in the field of gas detection technology and gas detection we offer individual, tailor-made solutions for virtually any requirement of stationary gas detection. We will show you technically sophisticated gas monitoring solutions which you can rely on at all times.
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