Gas detector with digital output for Ex zone 2

  • The gas detector measures the selected gas concentration
  • The gas detector is part of the digital KIMESSA CANline BUS-Network which is designed for up to
  • 128 gas detectors and alarming units
  • linearized and temperature-compensated digital CANline BUS  output signal
  • 16…30 VDC supply voltage (4-wire cable)
  • various gas sensor technologies available (electrochemical, Infrared, pellistor, semiconductor)
  • factory calibration with calibration certificate to the specified measuring range
  • Zero & Span potentiometers and calibration jack socket accessible from outside without opening the gas detector enclosure
  • water- and dust-proof IP 65 enclosure
  • rust-proof and acid-resitant steel enclosure
  • Swiss-Made
GasFormulaProductMeasuring rangeMeasurement principleDatasheet
AcetyleneC2H2KSIM 1100 EX0-100 % LELInfra red
LPG (Liquefied Petroleum)C3H8/ C4H10KSIM 1100 Ex0-100 % LELInfra red
MethaneCH4KSIM 1100 Ex0-100 % LELInfra red
MethanolCH3OHKSIM 1100 Ex0-100 % LELInfra red
PentaneC5H12KSIM 1100 Ex0-100 % LELInfra red
PropaneC3H8KSIM 1100 Ex0-100 % LELInfra red
SolventsKSIM 1100 Ex0-100 % LELInfra red