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With 30 years experience, KIMESSA is your reliable comprehensive solution provider in the areas of gas detection systems. From project planning to commissioning, let us assist you and benefit from our extensive experience and renowned worldwide KIMESSA customer service .

Gas monitoring in car parks

Gas monitoring in car parks
Typical gases:

Gas Detection

Gas monitoring in laboratories
Typical gases:
O2, H2, N2,
CO, CO2, CH4,

Gas Detection

Gas monitoring in heating units
Typical gases:
CH4, C3H8

Gas monitoring in cooling plants
Typical gases:
NH3, CO2, C3H8

Gasüberwachung in Raffinerien

Gas monitoring in refineries
Typical gases:
H2S, CO, O2,
explosive Gase und Dämpfe

gas detection

Additional applications for gas monitoring


We are celebrating our 35th anniversary

1985 – 2020


We have been passionately detecting gas for 35 years!


Explosion-protected gas measuring sensors series GSxM with web connection and touch display

  • Available for over 120 different gas types with various measurement ranges
  • Aluminium housing, pressure encapsulated, up to explosion zone 1
  • Explosion transmitter in analogue /bus version with type examination
  • Also available with built-in relays and display, standalone
  • Various optional accessories such as dirt/water filter etc.
  • Swiss quality with 3-year warranty (with regular maintenance)