Gas monitoring: Application cold

Refrigeration systems

Changing the refrigerant also changes the dangers posed by the refrigerant. Flammable gases, for example, which form an explosive gas-air mixture in the event of a leak, are particularly dangerous. However, the odorless carbon dioxide CO2, which is toxic in high concentrations, also poses a suffocation hazard.

KIMESSA's warning technology offers solutions such as installation in BUS cabling in the cold room and visual and audible alarms inside and outside the cold room (type CWED 68).
The BUS cabling enables a particularly variable installation of the measuring points as well as the acoustic and optical detectors and is particularly cost-effective.

Touch displays can be installed at the entrance to the rooms to be monitored to visualize and quickly check the gas concentrations present. All measurement data and events are recorded and can therefore be tracked and analyzed at any time.

The digital Modbus RTU interface is integrated as standard in all CANline control centers. Individual gas measurement transmitters can be optionally retrofitted with a Modbus RTU interface.
In the field of refrigerant monitoring, KIMESSA works together with several well-known refrigeration system manufacturers.

The Modbus RTU digital interface is available as standard on all CANline control panels. Optionally, the Modbus RTU interface can be connected to the refrigeration system control.

MONOline gas detector - KIMESSA

Standalone gas detector MONOline

The ready-to-connect 230VAC gas warning device MONOline, which is calibrated for a wide range of refrigerants, was specially developed for monitoring small refrigeration systems. The device has a built-in optical light and a signal transmitter as standard. The limit values and relay programming can be easily reprogrammed to customer specifications using a magnetic pen. In addition to stand-alone operation, the device has an analog output signal (4-20mA) or it can be connected either to the CANline control unit or to a Modbus interface via the digital output. The sensors can be easily replaced with pre-calibrated sensors.

Because your safety is our priority!

In addition to the applications described, there are numerous other areas of use for KIMESSA gas detection systems. As a total solution provider in the field of gas detection technology and gas measurement technology, we offer an individual solution for almost every requirement of stationary gas detection technology, from simple to highly complex. We present you with technically sophisticated gas monitoring solutions that you can rely on at all times.

Because your safety is our priority!

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