Gas monitoring: Applications

Areas of application

Wide range of applications in industry, in the home and in infrastructure systems.

Modern society lives and works with toxic and flammable gases and vapors on a daily basis. Today, gas is an economical, technical and convenient medium, but can suddenly become a major hazard if left unchecked.

Depending on the field of activity, there are a large number of gases that have a harmful effect on the human body or pose a latent risk of accidents as explosive or flammable substances.

KIMESSA offers a large selection of gas measuring transmitters and professional advice to ensure safety in a wide range of applications

Innovative security solutions for:

Refrigeration system

Gas warning systems for cold rooms/refrigeration systems


Gas detection systems in laboratories - KIMESSA


Heating application - KIMESSA

Underground car park

Gas warning systems for underground garages


Refinery - KIMESSA

Hazardous materials storage

Hazardous materials storage - KIMESSA

Cold room

Cold room

Dispensing systems

Dispensing systems - KIMESSA

Swimming pool

Swimming pool

Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Drinking water

Drinking water

Animal husbandry

Animal husbandry - KIMESSA

Beverage industry

Beverage industry - KIMESSA

Wine cellar

Wine cellar - KIMESSA

Automotive industry

Automotive industry - KIMESSA

Tank farm

Tank farm - KIMESSA

Sewage treatment plant

Sewage treatment plant


Galvanizing - KIMESSA



Nitrogen container

Nitrogen tanks - KIMESSA

Plant engineering

Plant engineering - KIMESSA

Power plants

Power stations - KIMESSA


Welding - KIMESSA

In addition to these applications, there are numerous other areas of use for KIMESSA gas detection solutions.

KIMESSA is a full-service provider in the field of gas detection technology and offers customized gas detection systems for almost all requirements in industry and building services.

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